Maintenance / Support

Maintain the economy, reliability and durability of your Stähli machine with maintenance or revision. Receive a professional feedback on the current condition of your Stähli machine by our qualified technicians.

Completed repairs and suggestions for improvement get written down.

Benefit from the expertise of our specialists and make a maintenance contracts specially tailored to your needs.
This ensure you the optimum for the machine and offer you a full cost control.



Stähli is available for any troubleshooting on your machine.

With your support, and our technology, our after sales service can identify any problems you may have with your machine via Telephone or Online Services. Should your problem require On-Site Repairs, one of our technicians can schedule a visit to address the issue.

We are more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have with your Stähli Machine.

Stähli has multiple establishments across the globe, so regardless of your Time Zone or Language, We can provide you with a high level of service in a timely manner.

Below is the contact information for our Different Establishments:

Switzerland (DE, FR, EN), +41 32 376 05 00 (UTC +1h), E-mail:
USA (EN), +1 847 719 0360 (UTC -6h), E-mail:
China (CN, EN, DE, FR), +86 592 651 3551 (UTC +8h) E-mail:

Do you have any further questions regarding our “Maintenance” Department?
Contact us via the contact form. The Stähli Team is happy to answer any questions you may have.