2013 Launch of the machien FH 602

Launching of the 1-sode flat honing machine with an integrated thickness measurement, followed by full automation in a production cell.


2015 Opening of the new branch in China

Foundation of the Stahli Lapping Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. in China.


2017 Launch of the machine FH3

The reinvention of the 3-wheels flat honing machine was the highlight in 2017. It's the basis for simple and fast double side flat honing automations. The efficiency of the FH3 exceeds the one of the double side flathoning machines in quality and performance.


2018 Relocation of the branch in the USA

Since January 2019 Lake Geneva/ Chicago is the new home from Stähli USA Inc. The company's clear commitment to the North Amercan market is completed with the movement into their own large building. Their services will be further expanded.