1-Side Lapping and Polishing machines

Our FLM machines are perfect for lapping and polishing with loose abrasive or flat honing with fixed abrasive wheels, and we know the right process for your application.

If you are focused on cost, flexibility, and reliability with the highest possible precision in your production, our FLM lapping machines are right for you. Whether you are grinding gear wheels with Ø 1 mm or housing plates with Ø 1000 mm, we have the right machine for you.

FLM 500                                                                                                                         FLM 750

FLM 1000                                                                                                                          FLM 1500

We also manufacture customized machine sizes for you. Tell us your wishes and we will find a solution together.
Benefit from our knowledge and decades of experience. Under the heading special machines you will find more information.

 FLM 2700-4R                                                                                              FLM 2450C-full     

   FLM 3000-L                                                                                                    FLM  3250-3R                                                                                              

Would you like to know more about our FLM machines? More detailed information can be found in our brochure "1-Side lapping and polishing" and you can also watch diverse videos on the YouTube channel.

Brochure 1-side Lapping and Polishing

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