Optical Polishing

Decades of experience in building flat-polishing machines for the optical industry

These machines have been developed together with leading companies in the optical industry
and are therefore optimally adapted to the client’s needs. We focus on 24/7 production,
rock solid build and easy of use.

If you are aiming for manufacturing with the highest precision in the nano-range,
our pitch-polishing machines FLM 750-P or FLM 4000-P fully meet this requirement.

FLM 2200-P

Do you strive for highest accuracy with high removal rates, our foil-polishing machines
FLM 750-F or FLM 3000-F meets these demands.

FLM 1250-F

Do you have any questions about our optical-polishing machines?
Our Stahli Team answers your questions with pleasure.
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